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Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.

The GreenPlan is growing daily and our Team is steadily growing too. We have some amazing people working with us on our team – helping to deliver every aspect of The GreenPlans Seven Themes worldwide. Each one of our team is recognised as a taught leader and top of their field in their own right. Their contribution is pivotal to embedding our impact within our community.

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The GreenPlan© accreditation is a means to secure a better understanding of sustainability and the production of green house gases. It is a genuinely sustainable approach and practice that uses world’s best practices, forward collective thinking, and new technologies

Our Community

Make A Change

Neil McCabe

About Me

Neil is a self-taught Environmental expert. He is our founder and CEO.

Neil Founded The GreenPlan in 2008 as a technique to lower our dependence on fossil fuels and consumables and to focus our efforts on clean air. He developed a step by step process to tackle climate change at community and business level, without the need for large scale consultations and fees.

Carol Loftus

About Me

Carol is the Chairperson of The GreenPlan© Mulranny Group and has been the Mulranny Climate Change Champion for the past decade. Her team has led Mulranny on the Sustainable Energy Community programme and developed an Energy Master Plan for their village, recognised and supported by the Irish Government. 

Each month Carol will be sharing updates and achievements from her quests to protect the environment at community level. 
We are delighted to have her on board. 

Tracy Touhy

About Me

Tracy is a holistic nutritionist with over 18 years experience working in the health and fitness industry.

She believes that “In holistic nutrition, the health of the food and the health of the planet cannot be seperated. In order to nourish our bodies we must also nourish our planet to ensure that it can provide us with good quality nutritious foods”. Tracy will be sharing tips on better eating choices and healthier lifestyles with our community.

Gerard Devine

About Me

Toughened by life experiences and softened by his surroundings, Gerard Devine is a proud Irish poet who lives a life less ordinary. The former carpenter is a full time firefighter in Dublin City, and his poetry is a comfort to him from the stresses he encounters in his job. 

Gerard’s poetry is now being studied in O’Connells school Dublin, which boasts literary greats such as Thomas Kinsella, James Joyce, and Luke Kelly, among its past pupils. His poetry uses imagery and imagination and has been described as ‘songs without music’. 


Austin Touhy

About Me

Austin is a University of Massachusetts qualified Mindfulness based Stress Reduction teacher and rehabilitation professional who has been working in the field of addiction for the past twenty years, supporting people to evoke change in their lives. Austin is currently working with Irelands Health service as a rehabilitation officer.In his career he has worked delivering mindfulness in many clinical and office based settings with patients and staff teams and on retreats, teaching people how to self-regulate and reduce stress in their lives.  

Kevin O'Connor

About Me

Kevin is a very talented and passionate nature photographer. Born in the UK and raised in NI, he grew up with a love of photography due to his fathers hobby. Now raising his own family in Dublin Kevin says: 
“Photography has encouraged me to get my family out in nature as often as possible, for fitness, mental wellbeing and to better understand our environment”.

We look forward to sharing many of Kevin’s beautiful shots going forward.

Patrick Osbourne

About Me

Patrick was born in Dublin’s North inner-city in 1971 and was educated in St. Paul’s CBS, North Brunswick Street. He was accepted into the National Botanic Gardens where he studied to become an Amenity Horticulturist and qualified in 1992. He went on to gain further qualifications from the Royal Horticultural Society, Wisely, England.

“I didn’t have a garden until I was about twelve years old but my love of gardening had already begun, nurtured by my Granny Woods who had all sorts of wonderful potted plants dotted around her house.”