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Tackiling climate change


How The Green Plan Started

The GreenPlan started life as a community project in 2008 in a local Fire Station in Dublin. That initial project has been empowering people all around the world to tackle Climate Change ever since. Our global community has more than 160,000 members that have collectively helped prevent and reduce thousands of tonnes of emissions, improving our health and cleaning our air.

Our Vision is to continually improve the quality of life and well-being on Earth for present and future generations. Our mission is to empower society to tackle Climate Change.

Save Money

Following our Step by Step Plan, helps identify and cut out many forms of costly wastage to your pocket and the planet.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

We help you take actions that reduce emissions and help improve our health and wellbeing.

Help Society

The GreenPlan is a brilliant way for any community to get together and unite for a cause that pays back in more ways than one

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Empowering Society to Tackle Climate Change.

The GreenPlan is now a scalable robust system that can be accessed by communities and business all around the world – with the sole intention of reducing emissions and de-risking our responsibility to the climate crisis. We deliver The GreenPlan as a staged Certificate process within Businesses and Communities, using impact tracked actual actions.

Benefits Of The Green Plan

Save Money

Improve Transport

Reduce Energy

Impact Biodiversity

Reduce Waste

Empower Society

Reduce Water Consumption

Procurement Techniques

Tackle climate change


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The GreenPlan© accreditation is a means to secure a better understanding of sustainability and the production of green house gases. It is a genuinely sustainable approach and practice that uses world’s best practices, forward collective thinking, and new technologies

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