How It works

The GreenPlan© accreditation is a means to secure a better understanding of sustainability and the production of green house gases. It is a genuinely sustainable approach and practice that uses world’s best practices, forward collective thinking, and new technologies to:

  • Create social impacts and significantly reduce energy and water consumption
  • Prevent and reduce domestic waste and carbon emissions
  • Save money by reducing energy and running costs
  • Deliver services differently engaging society building changemakers

In practice this means measures such as changing light bulbs, installing temperature sensors, moving over to renewable technologies and encouraging communities to take part. To date this has resulted in carbon neutrality, significant cost savings & social impacts in fostering a green society.

The Green Plan system is installed over three phases:
1. Phase I Bronze Certificate
2. Phase II Silver Certificate
3. Phase III Gold Certificate

The Plan in action

The GreenPlan© has been successfully applied in local authority premises across Dublin, including libraries and swimming pools, leisure centres and The Mansion House. The model has also spread throughout Ireland and has been employed in many communities with Mulranny in Co., Mayo recently receiving its Silver accreditation. Neil McCabe, the Creator and Chief Executive Officer of the GreenPlan©, has written a guidance document ‘Green Public Procurement and Investing in Climate Change,’ now being referenced by the European Union as best practice.