What is Climate Change?

When we are talking about climate change we are not talking about the weather on any given day or for the next few days as with a forecast. We are talking about the average weather predicted for and actually over a long period of time. Climate and weather are definitely linked but are not the same thing. The Earth’s atmosphere is ever changing and that’s why a forecast is only achievable for a few days where as climate change is a long term observed weather prediction based on known information.

Perhaps one of the most unjust realities of climate change is that its effects are not equally distributed. The developing and third world have the most to lose the quickest.
— Neil McCabe

Our Take on Sustainable development 

We have a clear definition of Sustainability from our friends in The Natural Step©.

  • Resources like fossil fuels, metals and minerals are finite and can damage our environment if allowed to accumulate. Therefore, we will minimise the consumption of materials extracted from the Earth’s crust.
  • The accumulation of persistent chemicals (pesticides, fertilizers etc.), and unnaturally high nutrient concentrations are harmful to people and the environment. Therefore, we will reduce our dependence on man-made chemicals.
  • Ecosystems take a long time to recover from physical destruction (if they can at all), we will mitigate our impact through wise land use policies, low impact maintenance practices and environmentally friendly design.
  • Our community will not be truly sustainable unless our residents are healthy, safe and prospering. Therefore, we will continue to pursue policies and actions that minimise the barriers that impede stakeholder’s ability to meet their basic needs.