The GreenPlan is a New System That Empowers Society to Tackle Climate Change.

Our System is a step by step guide that, once followed, will reduce a community’s carbon footprint by 20% and introduce a host of social benefits, saving money, promoting cleaner air and health and wellbeing. Once our fully developed, free online course is completed by The GreenPlan Champion, communities will receive The GreenPlan toolkit, form a local team, select a Flagship location and take on achieving their Bronze, Silver and Gold Certificates.

The GreenPlan Champion for Communities Diploma Certificate course is free of charge and available on line by clicking the button below.

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Bringing The GreenPlan to your community brings a proven catalogue of benefits.

Mulranny, Co Mayo, won the National Tourism awards as this week as, most responsible Irish Tourism Destination. They also were the overall Gold Winner as Best Tourism Destination in Ireland. Their Award entry was based on their achievements with The GreenPlan over the last three years.

As the first public figure to complete the course the Lord Mayor of Dublin, Brendan Carr and his team will take actual actions to bring positive change to the Mansion House in Dublin. An interactive map will be updated regularly on our website so everyone can keep informed about how their community is engaging with the project.

This Saves Money, Lessens Emissions and Helps Society.

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